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Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is one of the main derivatives of the hemp plant, and has been gaining a great deal of traction and popularity in the last few years as a treatment to support pain relief for patients with a multitude of medical conditions.

At Innovative Separations, we are a CBD distributor and wholesale CBD company, and we responsibly extract and manufacture CBD oil for bulk sale. We have 100% control of our product, from seed, to crop, to extraction, and we proudly cultivate it right in our own backyard of the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon. We understand that traditional treatments don’t always work for everyone, which is we offer our high-quality CBD oil as an alternative pain relief solution.

Leaders In CBD Extracting
There are several methods for extracting CBD oil from hemp. Most commonly, these methods used by CBD companies involve a solvent such as carbon dioxide or a liquid solvent like alcohol. In the case of liquid solvent extraction, isopropyl or ethanol alcohol is run through the plant matter to strip it of cannabidiols and flavors which transfer into the liquid. Then, the liquid is evaporated away from the mixture, leaving only the concentrated chemicals in the form of an oil.

Another popular method that American CBD suppliers extract CBD is from carbon dioxide. It’s typically performed with a piece of equipment called a “closed loop extractor,” which pumps solid carbon dioxide into a chamber containing the plant material. After the chamber is filled with plant matter and carbon dioxide, it’s pumped into a third chamber where the material can separate and allow for the collection of the oil from a CBD company.

Why Choose Oregon?
In Southern Oregon, there lies a valley along the Rogue River called the Rogue Valley. This valley has the ideal climate to produce hemp, and it’s precisely why we chose this beautiful place to produce and manufacture our superior products. And as a responsible Oregon CBD distributor and CBD supplier, we oversee every stage of our CBD extraction process, which means we can ensure the accuracy of dose and quality of our products. It’s what makes us the leading American CBD supplier in our area.

The Benefits Of CBD Oil
There is a myriad of benefits for using CBD oil from a bulk CBD company, and studies show it has the capability to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with many ailments.

CBD oil has been shown to reduce stress and has been observed to promote relaxation in patients. Research has also shown promising leads regarding CBD oil’s role in alleviating stomach discomfort.

A 2012 study concluded that CBD oil can modulate pain perception and have analgesic properties. Additionally, one of the most basic and possibly overlooked benefits of CBD oil from a supplier is its effectiveness in reducing the inflammatory responses of the body.


Our Mission
At Innovative Separations, we’re a wholesale CBD company, and we genuinely believe that CBD oil is the premier alternative to traditional pain medications and treatments. We remain dedicated to providing and promoting the responsible use of this treatment for all those who desperately need it. The processing and manufacturing of CBD oil by distributors and CBD companies throughout the country is expanding, and we’re proud to be a part of the movement to provide people across the country with access to this revolutionary method of natural pain relief.

For more information about CBD oil, or isolate, visit our products page or our forms of CBD page.

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