Breaking Down the History of Hemp

In today’s society, the perception of hemp and its uses is largely confined to the sociopolitical debate over the legality of marijuana. However, the story of hemp goes back much further than most people realize. In fact, the origins of human hemp cultivation date back as far as 8,000 BCE and may very well extend […]

Innovative Separations Presents: History of Hemp

Cannabis Sativa, or Hemp, has one of the most intriguing histories of any plant or substance on the planet. With evidence of human cultivation dating back as far as 8,000 BCE, the story of hemp is one that spans centuries — and the story is anything but finished. Innovative Separations takes you through the rich […]

What You Should Know About CBD Oil

Pain relief has come a long way. In the past, traditional methods have included some questionable and untested techniques. For instance, in Mexico, some people rub potato halves on their foreheads for headaches. In Central America, back pain is supposed to be relieved by blowing cigar smoke on a sufferer’s back. And in the United […]

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