Forms of CBD

CBD is extracted from the flower (or bud) of the hemp plant. The rest of the plant, such as the leaves or stalks, contains close to zero percent CBD. It’s not until the last two to three weeks of the plant’s life that the flower produces any CBD.

Let’s examine the different types of CBD material and how they are derived:


CBD generally comes in three forms. First is the whole flower or selected parts of the flower. The flowers can contain up to 15-18% CBD, but the percentage of CBD varies from strain to strain, and from harvest to harvest. Flowers can be processed to make kief, which is made by finely sifting them through a cold dry process, or using ice water to create a powder-like material that can usually have up to 35% to 40% CBD.


Oil is the second form of CBD. These oils can come through either mechanical extraction or chemical extraction, and they typically can contain 30% to 75% CBD. Chemical extraction can be either a solvent extraction (such as ethyl alcohol) or supercritical CO2.

Mechanical extraction is achieved by squeezing the flower under very high pressure. Once these oils are extracted, another product that is derived from the oils is hemp waxes. These waxes are used as emollients on the skin and also contain a low but usable amount of CBD.

Topical CBD oils and waxes are typically applied to an affected area and either rubbed in or left to be absorbed. They can help to relax muscles and ease stiffness, and they’re a great way to deal with localized pain relief without ingesting CBD oil.


The third form of CBD is called an isolate. Isolates are pure forms of CBD in a powder form. These powders are usually white or light yellow, and are the most purified of the CBD raw materials. They’re generally derived from very concentrated oils of CBD and can be up to 99% pure.

Since isolates come in the form of a powder, they’re a great option to add to cooking and baking recipes by simply mixing them in with your other ingredients.

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