How CBD Can Provide Relief for Your Pets

January 15th, 2019

In the vastly growing cannabidiol industry, our team works tirelessly to provide our clients with the most quality CBD products and seek to stay ahead of the curve by using state-of-the-art extraction equipment at our in-house laboratory and extraction facility. After twenty years of gaining the respect as one of the most reputable extraction companies and CBD suppliers in Southern Oregon, providing 100% natural CBD in bulk to our wholesalers and clients, we’re now looking to help improve the lives of others…your pets!That’s right, CBD has a plethora of natural, medicinal benefits that can help promote a longer, happier life for our four-legged friends.

Much like us humans, our pets experience similar sensations such as anxiety, joint pain, and skin inflammation; and much like us humans, our pets can significantly benefit from the use of our CBD crystals and oils.  


For those of us who have pets, dogs, in particular, we know how frightening certain aspects of life can be for them. Whether it’s thunderstorms, fireworks on the 4th of July or something as routine as a car ride to the vet, it’s not a great feeling to watch your dog shake in fear. We at Innovative Separations have a solution for that, CBD isolate. By isolating the cannabidiol from all other molecules and compounds in the hemp plant, our products have untraceable amounts of THC, so your pup can lose the anxiety without any psychoactive ingredients

Pain & Inflammation

A second benefit CBD can provide your pet is in the form of 100% natural pain relief without the need to force feed your furry friend potentially harmful prescription painkillers. Though they age much faster than humans, dogs experience aches, joint pain, and skin inflammation just like we do. CBD has also been proven in numerous human and animal studies to decrease chronic inflammation. With the help our expert and our CBD, of the highest quality, we can help promote a happier and healthier life for your pets.

For more information on the benefits of CBD for you and your pets, or to place your bulk order, please give us a call at 800-787-0018 today!

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