How CBD Oil is Revolutionizing Sports Recovery

December 31st, 2018


The winter snow may be falling, but we’re still working as hard as ever here in Southern Oregon crafting CBD oil. In addition to providing quality CBD oil as an alternative to traditional pain medications, we also believe in educating the public on the history, uses, and benefits of CBD for pain and recovery.

More and more athletes are beginning to discover the advantages of natural CBD oil over artificial painkillers, and increasingly more discussions are being had about relaxing league restrictions on CBD oil and extracts. Here we focus on the benefits buying bulk CBD can offer to athletes’ recovery and performance.

The Benefits of CBD for Athletes


CBD oil and extract can do wonders for all sorts issues that athletes deal with every day, such as:


Pain. Cannabis is an analgesic and helps alleviate pain both during and after workouts. Many athletes use CBD following their routines to manage pain and alleviate tension in sore muscles.


Inflammation. CBD is highly effective in managing inflammation after exercise. Cannabinoids are a potent anti-inflammatory that induce apoptosis, inhibit cell proliferation, suppress cytokine production, and cause induction of T-regulatory cells.


Sleep and Relaxation. Cannabinoids are renowned for their relaxing and sedative effects. Getting proper sleep each night is vital to athletic performance, as muscles grow and recover most during a deep sleep.


Decreasing Nausea. CBD has antiemetic effects, helping reduce nausea both during and after exercise. Many studies, in fact, have shown that cannabinoids are more effective than older medications that are well-known for treating nausea and vomiting.


Reduction of Muscle Spasms. Cannabinoids are known to have antispasmodic properties, and can alleviate spasms whether they’re caused by dehydration, trauma, or strained muscles.


Protection of the Heart, Lungs, and Brain. CBD oil has been shown to relieve inflammation while protecting the heart, lungs, and brain during and after injuries. Research is continuing on the short-term neuroprotective effects of CBD on the brain for the purpose of treating sports-related concussions.


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