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If you are among the millions of people who have caught wind of the hemp plant’s contribution to the medical community, you know that CBD, or cannabidiol, is considered to hold the key to the variety of therapeutic and medicinal effects hemp offers, all with zero psycho-toxic effects to humans.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

As a CBD oil manufacturing company, we understand the health concerns associated with such a trending form of medicine. The health benefits found in CBD oil are revolutionary, and while Innovative Separations cannot make any direct claims as to the benefits of CBD consumption, the evidence in the scientific community is staggering. First and foremost, there is proof that cannabidiol does NOT produce euphoria or intoxication. The following is a list of pre-clinical research initiatives that have shown CBD to have a range of effects and applications that may be therapeutically useful including:

  • Antioxidant
  • Neuroprotective
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic

Why Choose Innovative Separations’ CBD Oil

cbd oil manufacturingInnovative Separations was created to provide bulk solutions to cannabidiol retailers who require a professional, reliable, and trusted CBD manufacturer. As the sole proprietor of all manufacturing operations throughout the entire production chain, Innovative Separations sees the product from seed to extraction, giving us 100% control of the entire process.

Our oil is extracted using supercritical CO2 and is lab tested for purity. Naturally abundant in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, our CBD oil helps you stay healthy while our manufacturing process involves a clean filter to remove any chlorophyll or excess plant matter for a better taste.

What Sets Innovative Separations Apart?

Because we have the advantage of retaining total CBD oil manufacturing control, Innovative Separations is primarily focused on aiding other manufacturers through bulk CBD orders. CBD can be purchased through Innovative Separations as a raw material for other manufacturers to implement in their own finished products.

Many of our products are offered in various forms to suit the needs of the customer. For the environmentally conscious, we offer all-natural extracts from all-natural seeds, in addition to different levels of cannabidiol – from raw to decarboxylated, and from decarboxylated to filtered. Innovative Separations also offers bulk CBD isolate for an ultra-pure isolate powder with 99% CBD.

Choose Innovation – Choose Innovative Separations

We are the country’s leading CBD manufacturer, providing CBD oils and extracts to retailers across the United States. Sourced, planted, and grown right here in Central Point, Oregon, we enjoy naturally perfect growing conditions for hemp, which, we feel, is one of our greatest assets. Every part of our operation is natural, which is why we’re right here in “hemp country,” Oregon. We feel there is a moral responsibility to disseminate the many health benefits associated with a CBD-inclusive diet and encourage the safe and responsible use of this medicinally revolutionary hemp byproduct.

If you are a retailer interested in partnering with the country’s premier CBD oil manufacturing company or looking to find out more about the benefits CBD oil could have in your own life, contact Innovative Separations at (800) 787-0018.

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