Separating Fact From Fiction: Common Myths About CBD

March 11th, 2019


Although there’s really no denying the full range of benefits that cannabidiol has for users, it still hasn’t stopped the many myths, half-truths, and misconceptions about its use. Unfortunately, due to a lack of information, knowledge, or simply ignorance, many fallacies about CBD products linger.

At Innovative Separations, we’re not just the country’s premier company offering high-quality bulk CBD for sale; We’re also your trusted source of knowledge, news, and information for all things CBD-related. As you explore the possibility of utilizing CBD oil for your healthcare regimen, we want you to help set the record straight, once and for all, about this potentially life-changing substance.


Myth: CBD Can Get You High

Truth: This is one of the most stubborn and common misconceptions surrounding CBD. Many people are misinformed and consider THC and CBD to be similar substances, when in reality, they are entirely different. THC is an ingredient that’s found in the cannabis plant that gives users a euphoric high when consumed. Conversely, CBD isn’t used recreationally, because it won’t get you high. Instead, people use CBD to treat ailments such as anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, headaches, and more.


Myth: CBD Is Illegal

Truth: The rules and laws that surround CBD and TCH are evolving on a constant basis, so it’s always best to check with your state’s laws before making any assumptions about their legality. However, because of its low levels of THC, CBD oil is legal in most states. In fact, the level of THC in the oil is typically what determines its legality.


Myth: All CBD Is the Same

Truth: There are so many different CBD products on the market that virtually no two users will have the same experience. Additionally, there are many different factors, like the gender, age, and weight of a user that will affect their reaction to these substances. The bottom line is, not all CBD is created equal. There are many different forms, such as CBD derived from hemp, full-spectrum CBD, and CBD produced in a lab setting. Make sure you always select a reputable and trusted provider of these products, like Innovative Separations, when you buy bulk CBD.


Myth: CBD Is a Sedative

Truth: Contrary to popular opinion, CBD is not a sedative, and it won’t knock you out. While it’s true that CBD can be used to treat sleep disorders and reduce stress, the effects that CBD has on a user mostly depend on dosage. If you’re looking to experience the relaxing and calming effects of CBD, it’s recommended that you use a higher dosage. In fact, low dosages are even reported to produce feelings of alertness in some users.


The CBD industry is continually evolving, changing, and advancing. As it does, new myths and misconceptions will arise. That’s precisely why Innovative Separations will be here, continuing to provide the information you can trust about CBD and its safe use.


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