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From seed to extraction in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, Innovative Separations is a leader when it comes to growing and producing the cleanest and most natural low-THC hemp plants and Oregon CBD oils. It is our mission to provide as many Americans across the nation with the relief they are looking for through our various lines of CBD oil products that we produce.

When you choose Innovative Separations for your Oregon CBD oil needs, whether CBD isolates or CBD hemp flowers, you are also getting a promise from us, a promise that our products are natural, perfectly grown and processed in the heart of Oregon’s Rogue Valley. We believe that the future of CBD and hemp oils are unlimited and the benefits that go along with using them cannot be understated. Innovative Separations maintains 100% control over the entire manufacturing process of our products and specializes in bulk CBD orders, with some of the best wholesale programs available. We have found that by ordering in bulk, it gives our customers a wide variety of Oregon CBD and Oregon hemp products to better suit their needs.

Innovation Separations looks forward to being your trusted source for all-natural, high-quality CBD oils and hemp extracts in Oregon’s Rogue Valley.

Why Oregon?

In recent years the industrial hemp industry has seen explosive growth with Oregon leading the way as a prime location for its cultivation. In just a short 90 days, hemp farmers will see the plant grow to its prime, about six or seven feet, and be ready for harvesting.

Due to its clean waters and dry summers, Innovative Separations looked to the state of Oregon first when deciding where we wanted to start growing and manufacturing our products. But before we made the final decision to set up camp in Oregon, we wanted to do a little research on the area to make sure it was the perfect location for our business. Using the checklist below, we found Oregon hit the nail on the head as being one of the best locations to grow and sell hemp plants.

Average annual percentage of sunny days

  • Like all plants, a good amount of sunlight is needed for optimal growth. Southern Oregon has a good ratio of sunny days during the summer to produce high-quality hemp plants.

Decent average annual precipitation

  • Along with plenty of sunlight, plants need a decent amount of precipitation to grow too.

Average annual high temperature

  • Right around 70 degrees is the ideal temperature for hemp growth, making the Oregon weather ideal for optimal growth.


  • Industrial hemp plant growth is legal in every state, but Oregon gives us the opportunity to manufacture and distribute bulk amounts to our clients that need it most.

Land Elevation

  • Hemp grows better at lower elevations, with Southern Oregon leading the way in this category.

Innovative Separations is excited to manufacture all-natural Oregon CBD oil, isolate, and hemp. Contact us to get started on creating your bulk order of either Oregon CBD oils or Oregon hemp today!

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